9" Silversmith Hammer with Rounded Ends
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This is one of my very favorite hammers. It is small and is able to get into tight areas quite easily. I use it all the time to round out and flare the heads of rivets, screw ends and others as well as to create textures on some of my metal pieces.

The hammer measures 9" (22.5cm) long with a head measuring 2.4" (6cm) wide. Both ends are slightly rounded. It is a very light weight hammer. The hammer head is made of steel.

It isn't the "highest" quality material, but it is one of my "go-to" hammers. If you take care of it, it will last a very long time. This hammer is used on silver, brass and copper in my studio on a regular basis and the heads still have their smooth rounded shape.

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9" Silversmith Hammer with Rounded Ends

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