Tools and Supplies

3-Hole Deluxe Punch
2-Hole punch3-Hole Deluxe Punch

Two different hole sizes 1.60mm -1/16- and 2.30mm -3/32- can be made with our metal punch. Made of tool steel each punch is tempered for making precision holes in soft metal up to 24 gauge! Screw action makes holes without deforming metal. Can...

This new three-sized jewelry hole cutter/puncher is great for making cold connections. The punches are heat treated and with the screw action, you can create clean holes in soft metals up to 18 gauge in thickness without deforming the metal. With...



4-Hole Deluxe Punch Pepetools 17 Degree Bezel Mandrel
4-Hole Deluxe PunchPepetools 17 Degree Bezel Mandrel

Create holes for wire rivets in 18, 16, 14 and 12 gauge. Punch holes up to 18 gauge metal sheets or multiple metal sheets together with ease.

Maximum thickness 20 gauge Bezel sizes from smallest to largest round 5mm to 20mm Create perfect bezels and prong settings with our new bezel forming punch set Complete with a 17 degree angled punch that has been precision machined to match each...



Pepetools Jump Ring Maker 2 (JMR2) Pepetools Premium Disc Cutter System
Pepetools Jump Ring Maker 2 (JMR2)Pepetools Premium Disc Cutter System

PepeTools Jump Ring Maker

20 mandrels, cutting box, handpiece holder and more.

Price includes shipping

Pepetools Premium Disc Cutter Kit is newly improved version of the worlds best selling disc cutter.

Price include Shipping Via UPS



Pepetools ROUND Steel Ring Mandrel Pepetools SQUARE Steel Ring Mandrel
Pepetools ROUND Steel Ring MandrelPepetools SQUARE Steel Ring Mandrel

Ultra Precision Calibrated Ring Mandrels by Pepetools Hardened and polished high grade steel 

Shipping via UPS is included in the price.

Ultra Precision Calibrated Ring Mandrels by Pepetools Hardened and polished high grade steel 

Shipping via UPS is included in the price.



Pepetools Superior Ring Bending Tool 7" Straight Shears for cutting metal
Pepetools Superior Ring Bending Tool7" Straight Shears for cutting metal

This PepeTools strong, versatile ring bending tool out performs all other bending tools.  Matching outer dies included!


**Price Includes Shipping**

Made of stainless steel this shear features precision blades with keen cutting edges padded comfort grips and return springs for comfort and speed.



9" Silversmith Hammer with Rounded Ends Bezel Setting Punches
9" Silversmith Hammer with Rounded EndsBezel Setting Punches

This is one of my very favorite hammers. It is small and is able to get into tight areas quite easily. I use it all the time to round out and flare the heads of rivets, screw ends and others as well as to create textures on some of my metal...

Stone setting system with hardwood handle and 18 concave tempered punches is ideal for setting stones. Simply insert the stone and press the punch directly over the prongs to set. The concave shape pushes prongs in gently and evenly. This system...



Jumbo Max Butane Torch Soldering Pick
Jumbo Max Butane TorchSoldering Pick

Our Max Flame butane torches feature a large flame nozzle which is desirable for many applications. Features include adjustable flame quick refill design safety lock ergo design electronic ignition and a maximum temperature of 2450°F. This...

Our tungsten soldering pick can withstand higher temperatures than titanium picks. Will not contaminate platinum. 6 length. I really like this pick above others because it will not bend or reshape when heated during soldering. Price includes Shipping



Square Faced Riveting Hammer
Square Edge Silicone Polishing Wheel KitSquare Faced Riveting Hammer

Unmounted abrasive wheels with impregnated silicon carbide are great for deburring, cleaning, smoothing and polishing gold as well as all other metals to a high luster. 20 wheels (5 each) and Mandrel includes shipping.

Square Faced Riveting Hammer



Tube Cutting Jig Watch case Opener (Knife)
Tube Cutting JigWatch case Opener (Knife)

This handy jig for cutting tubes may be hand held or secured in a regular bench vise. 

Deluxe case knife is 4 long with hard plastic handle and tempered blade. Fixed blade does not fold into handle. 

This is a great knife for opening fold formed objects.

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